About Us


Peerless Charm is a hand-forged jewelry brand for humans full of love, style, and a dash of sass. We strive to bring you something unique, yet on trend, with crystal jewelry handmade in our little metalsmith studio.

The two things that inspire me the most in this world are nature and badass women. This has been the driving force behind me making jewelry since 2008. The pieces I create are my interpretation of what the women of today want to wear combined with my love for nature, and it all comes together as a style I named “someone’s eccentric aunt.” The Summer of 2023, girly pop summer, felt like a transition into a world where women’s interests are not only taken seriously, but also celebrated! This has left me feeling rejuvenated when it comes to jewelry making and design, so let me bejewel you! You’ll find my shop filled with simple everyday pieces, eccentric statement jewelry, and everything in between. Layer them all together, and you too can be someone’s eccentric aunt (in the best way possible.)