Ethical Gemstone Jewelry for the Socially Consious
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What makes Peerless Charm Ethical?

Our goal is to source our supplies from companies in which fair trade practices are in place.  When it comes to fashion, certified fair trade is hard to find, but the ultimate goal.  Currently we are adapting practices to insure our products are ethical.  Here's what they are:
  • Sourcing from developed countries:  We are a world economy, so we don't limit our supplies to merely made in the USA, but we are constantly on the hunt for supplies made in countries with fair working wages and labor laws.
  • Communicating with suppliers:  The biggest mistake we can make is being unaware.  At Peerless Charm we communicate with our suppliers to insure that even supplies made in underdeveloped countries are made by companies that are practicing fair labor policies.
  • Constantly evolving:  Our road is a constant effort.  With the launch of the Delightfully Charming, and the retirement of Naturally and Elegantly Charming we are officially 100% ethically sourced.  That being the case, we are constantly keeping our eyes and ears open for the best sources to make a positive impact in others lives.