Mat and Kitchen

Tandy, from Mat and Kitchen, will be giving away a free 30 day subscription, for the Month of January!


M&K is a subscription website where members pay $32.00 per month for a brand new 30 minute workout every three days, access to 300+ recipes made by Tandy in her kitchen and Tandy's famous M&K Food Reset. Tandy cycles the workouts so that all you have to do is show up, press play on any internet connected device and reap all the benefits.


The M&K mission & philosophy

Fitness and wellness are about being kind to your body and finding your unique journey with both exercise and how you eat. The two go hand in hand and are equal partners in a successful wellness journey. Yet, everyone’s path is different. Our mission is to help you find your unique, healthiest and happiest self through intelligent and kind workouts coupled with discovering the foods that work just for you. M&K has devised a complete online solution that is still both intimate yet accessible so that your busy schedule is never compromised. Tandy and the large M&K community of supportive people are here to help you as much or as little as you like in your journey to uncover your best you!