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Crystal healing doesn't have to be some weird woo-woo thing that only hippies do.  That's because it's really simple, if you understand the science behind it. We're all just vibrating atoms, when it really comes down to it. Which means that we vibrate an electromagnetic field (or frequency.) The crystalline structures in crystals, make them vibrate at very stable frequencies. For this reason they can be used to tune our own frequency. Crystal healing can help you amplify whatever intention you are trying to call into your life, and Peerless Charm creates on trend crystal jewelry to allow you to harness the science of crystals, while keeping your unique sense of style. Peerless Charm is the crystal healing jewelry brand for people full of love, style, and a dash of sass.  We love blend the world of fashion and mystical. Our goal is to allow you to take your spiritual life, into your everyday....with style.



    The designer, Lauren Malmquist has always loved fashion and design.  She put that love to use, when she began making and selling jewelry in 2008.  In 2010, she officially launched Peerless Charm, and has been growing her accessories brand, while she earned her Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship. Lauren strives to create a positive impact, which is why Peerless Charm made the switch to ethically sourcing in 2012. When Lauren’s not working on her biz, she’s making coffee, playing/snuggling with her dog, or attempting new poses in her favorite yoga class. To get to know Lauren, check out our blog.