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So What's This I See About Charming Bloggers?

You may have noticed the page Charming Bloggers, with four (a fifth coming soon!) lovely bloggers, and wondered what that was all about.  Well, back in late 2009 I discovered what seemed to be a secret community.  Up until that point, the only blogging I was aware of was Xanga.  In eighth grade, I was very faithful to letting my friends know what I was doing via Xanga, even if it was watching Lizzie Mcquire all day.  That's the only knowledge I had of blogs.  So when I came across Fashion Toast and Style Scrapbook, I was all like "so these girls just post pictures of themselves everyday? That's weird. But then I came back the next day, and the next,...

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How Peerless Charm Got It's Name

 Many people ask me how I came up with the name Peerless Charm for my company.  It's actually a funny story.  I was embarrassed to tell it at first, but now I embrace it.  Here it is... I was fresh out of high school, and into my freshmen year of college when I realized that there was no time like the present to start my handmade accessories business.  (Fun Fact:  My dream of being a designer actually started when I started making bags in 8th grade.)  The first step (in my mind) was coming up with a name for my business.  My first decision was Chickles Accessories.  Chickles is the nickname my dad gave me, and I decided it was...

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About Me

The About Us page, here at Peerless Charm is all about the business, but I thought it would be great to help you get to know me.  I have created Peerless Charm The Blog, so that everyone can get to know the woman behind the jewelry.  So here it goes... Hi, I'm Lauren.  I live in a small farm town, south of Chicago.  I love the city, and I make an effort to get there as much as I can.  My original career goal was to own a boutique, but once I started making jewelry I couldn't stop.  It brightens my day month year life to see people as excited about my jewelry as I am. I love the feeling of...

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