You Keep Using That Word

So...what's a chakra?

Over the past several months of blogging about crystals, I've shared a lot of information about chakras. If you are unfamiliar with chakras, you may have been thinking, "what the heck is she talking about?" all along.

Well...chakras are energy centers that are located throughout our bodies. They derive from ancient India spirituality, and chakra translates to wheel or disk. They are said to be spinning energy disks. While there are many throughout our bodies, there are 7 main chakras, and those are typically what I focus on (honestly, they're all I am familiar with right now.) I like to think of them as 7 ways we can connect our spirit and our physical bodies, or even 7 areas of our lives, that we can "check in" with ourselves at.

With our September crystal of the month, I am talking about our first chakra, the root chakra, and how it connects with onyx.

The root chakra is located at the very bottom of our spine. It is the lowest frequency chakra, and is associated with the color red. It is said to connect our spiritual body to the earth, and is associated with feelings of safety, stability, and feeling grounded. The physical body parts associated with the root chakra are hips, feet, tail bone, genitals and booty, and kidneys. While I don't like to address health concerns via crystal healing, because that is simply not my area of expertise, balancing your root chakra may have side benefits of improving ailments in one of those areas.

If your root chakra is out of balance you may feel anxious, insecure, "spacey," detached, lethargic, or depressed.

Here are 5 fun ways to balance your root chakra.

1. Remember this meditation from quartz month? Try doing the first half of that. With every out breath of your meditation visualize roots growing from your body down into the Earth. As you breath in visualize the energy and nourishment of the earth flowing through the roots, and into your body.

2. Use Onyx! Set the intention in your onyx to amplify that root balancing energy. Wear it as jewelry or carry it in your pocket. Perhaps hold it while practicing the above meditation.

3. Go outside barefoot! I love going outside barefoot, and feeling the Earth below me. Do this, and feel yourself connect to the Earth.

4. Where red. Red items vibrate at the frequency of your root chakra, so wear it, and call in that grounded energy.

5. Eat root vegatables. I love me some roasted sweet potatoes, beets, and carrots. Yum Yum!

Thanks so much for reading! Share in the comments how you connect with the Earth, and balance your root chakra!

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