Using Jade To Get into Alignment

Getting into alignment is a term that is often used when talking about the law of attraction. I use it a lot when I discuss crystal healing, so I thought maybe it is time to tell you what the heck I mean.

Alignment is when your mental, emotion, and vibrational state, align with your higher self.

The idea is that your higher self came to this Earth for a reason, and doesn't want you to feel like garbage, to judge others, or to be anything other than love, really. When you're in alignment, you feel good NOW, rather than waiting on some future outside event, to make you feel good.

Note: It is OK to feel like garbage will for sure happen if you are a human..and as far as I know most of my readers are. They key is to honor the emotion you're feeling, give yourself compassion, and release it when it is time. 

I find connecting with my heart is the easiest and quickest way for me to get into alignment. For this reason, Jade is a great stone to incorporate into your crystal practice by meditating with it, or simply wearing it (whatever your current crystal practice looks like.) Try holding it to your chest, and quieting your mind for 3-20 minutes. If you're struggling to quiet your mind, focus on the color green.

Some other ways to get into alignment:

1. Like I said last month, do something fun for no reason

2. Spend time with people you love, and be present with them

3. Pets (obviously)

4. Creating a morning routine that will get you started in a positive mindset. I used this blog post by The Yoga Goddess Academy, as a template for mine. 



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