Turquoise & Chakras

Using Turquoise to balance your throat chakra:

Often times you can tell if a crystal is good for a chakra based on the color. This is because light is energy, and that chakra is energy. If the colors match, that means the vibrations match. The throat chakra has a lot to do with confidence and speaking your mind.  You may find your that you are having trouble saying what you need to say, or speaking your truth.  You may find you don't have a lot of confidence. This could mean your throat chakra is closed, and you want to open it. To the contrary, you may have the opposite problem. You may find yourself talking a lot, without much to say of value. This could mean your throat chakra is too open.

Fun ways to balance this chakra include: singing, meditating, wearing blue, and of course wearing turquoise.  I like to wear a short turquoise or blue necklace so that it sits right near the chakra.  

You can also try the Energy Unblocker Meditation. You will need smokey quartz, clear quartz, and turquoise.

  • Cleanse your crystals and your space before and after each use.
  • Find a comfortable place to lay
  • Quiet your mind
  • Place the smokey quartz at your feet
  • Place the clear quartz at your head
  • Place the turquoise on your forhead
  • Visualize and feel the electromagnetic fields of the crystals connecting to each other, connecting to you, and connecting to the Earth.
  • Meditate for about 10-15 minutes.

With a balanced throat chakra you will feel comfortable speaking your truth. You will be confident in your inner wisdom. You will see great artistic expression, and satisfaction in your career.

Enjoy! <3


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