Thrifted Turquoise Blazer

I've mentioned previously that my boyfriend and I love to thrift. I first became interested in thrifting in my effort to have a more sustainable wardrobe, but as someone that loves clothes, I've found that I can buy more clothes and higher quality clothes, while spending less than I used to. 

We sometimes do what I like to call "Goodwill Tours", where we travel to a new area, and hit as many Goodwills as we can. Honestly, I can only handle like 3, though. It takes a lot of energy! 

Anywho, back on topic, we were one of our Goodwill Tours, this time of Northwest Indiana, and just as we were about to leave our first stop I spotted it....this goofy 80's turquoise blazer. So of course I bought it. I distressed some jeans as well, and tried to go for a look that I will call "Granny Grunge." I styled it with the Thrive Turquoise Quartz Tassel Necklace and the Thrive Turquoise Stretch Bracelet


Let me know in the comments your favorite thrift store find, and if you know someone that would love this "Granny Grunge" look, share this post with them!


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