May Crystal of the Month: Agate

You may have seen me gushing about agate earlier this week on Instagram. Agate was the first natural stone that I incorporated into Peerless Charm after transitioning to the current ethically sourcing method. It's seriously been my favorite crystal, since before crystals and crystal healing was even on my radar. There's so many different types of agate, but one common feature of them is the swirling patterns of quartz throughout the stone. That's my favorite part. 

As far as crystal healing goes, agate is very balancing, and harmonizes the positive and negative forces in the universe. It's very soothing, calming, and great for accepting one's self. Since it has many layers, it can bring hidden information to light. Next week I'll be sharing how you can use agate in both of those ways, by bringing up awareness of subconscious self-limiting beliefs, letting them go, and accepting yourself. 

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