Crystal of the Month Intro: Turquoise

Turquoise is the traveler's stone, and the stone of luck. This stone can balance your third eye chakra and your throat chakra. For this reason, it encourages you to trust your intuition, and empowers confidence in your wisdom. Turquoise is the main stone of the Thrive collection because for one I just think it's beautiful. Also, I truly believe that when you give yourself unconditional love, and have confidence in your inner knowing, you can release the BS, and guide yourself to that special something that you bring into the world. Then you will truly thrive. 

I started this year by taking a small online crystal therapy course. What led me to do this? You did.  As I began incorporating natural stones into my work, you guys began to love my work more, and so did I. You guys began having more questions about the "powers" of the crystals that I was using, and so did I.  I began to realize that not only can these beauties bring us joy by being pretty and sparkly (because they definitely do that for me,) but they can also bring us joy in bigger ways as well.

So I kick off the crystal of the month (my way of sharing my crystal knowledge with you,) with turquoise. This month I'll share with you:

  • How turquoise relates to your chakras (with a meditation.)
  • How I wear my turquoise jewelry (we're still a fashion brand of course)
  • How you can use turquoise for personal growth

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