Citrine & The Solar Plexus Chakra

I think of the solar plexus chakra as your inner fire. It's the spark in your gut that encourages you to "do more." It's your creative center, and your will power.

Citrine's harmonious relationship with your solar plexus, is what makes it perfect for finding your purpose, and bringing abundance into your life.

Do you have a big dream? Often times our "dreams" feel to big to even fathom, so we put it off for "some day." I encourage you to start where you are, and let your solar plexus guide you to the things that excite you. I truly believe, that will get you toward your dream. For me, my solar plexus and heart chakras are always talking to me, but I gotta admit...I often don't realize until afterwards. That being said, if you are taking a step towards your goals, and have an excited feeling in your stomach, follow that. That's that "inner fire" I was talking about earlier.

At one point, when I wasn't feeling so confident about my business, a took a well paying job. I wasn't completely giving up on my business per say, but this job would not have allowed me to dedicate the time that I currently put in to Peerless Charm. Let me tell you, from day 1, I had a strange knot in that area below my chest, but above my stomach, and it was there the entire time I worked there (not very long.) At the time, I attributed it to a fear of change, but looking back I know it was my intuition telling me the scenario wasn't right. You could say that I felt it in my solar plexus chakra because I wasn't living my purpose, or doing work that excites me, the way working on my business does. 

Rather than giving a daily practice this week, I am going to give you a challange: do something that excites you (and bring your citrine along to amplify that energy.) It could be just for funzies, or a step 1 towards a goal that excites you. 

Leave a comment below, and let me know how it went!

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