August Crystal of the Month: Citrine

We've spent the last few months releasing suppressed subconscious beliefs (with agate in May,) and then practicing self-love (Rose Quartz in June.) Now that we've cleared a lot of the "uck" from our mindset, we can shift our focus to manifesting our joy and abundance. How I see it, once you are pouring love inward, that will start to radiate outward. When I think of radiating happiness and joy, I think of citrine.

Citrine is a yellow form of quartz. Citrine encourages creativity and motivation. It encourages sharing what you have, as well as helps you hold onto your wealth.

This month I will be sharing:

  • Using citrine to experience joy in the average day
  • Using Citrine to manifest abundance
  • How I style my citrine jewelry with a fun end of summer outfit

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