Agate to Release Old Emotions and Accept Yourself: As is

Disclaimer: This activity has to potential to be triggering if you have traumas in your past. I am not a therapist, and recommending seeing a professional for serious mental health issues and eating disorders.


This post is a little different than most you will find in the self help/high vibe/law of attraction world.  Often times the story is, raise your vibration, think positive, and you will attract what you want to you. While those things are great, when I first listened to The Secret, I found that I would avoid negative emotions in order to feel good all the time. The problem with that is, you have to feel the feels in order to let them go. Otherwise, our subconscious might store them, and they'll come back later. So even if you're not consciously thinking something, you might be vibrating it subconsciously.

The subconscious is an interesting thing. A lot of our present day behavior is because of subconscious beliefs that we don't even know we have. This means that things we were told, or overheard as a child are affecting us today, even if we don't consciously remember it. Today we're going to harness the energy of the crystal agate to release those old beliefs so that you can accept you are. I honestly believe that we are fine the way we are, and the only thing making us not fine is the belief that we are not fine. These limiting beliefs drive us to try to change ourselves, change our bodies, hold back from being our authentic self, or lash out at others due to insecurities. 

Here's a tool that I use, which I kind of made up using a combination of recommendations from various coaches, spiritual leaders, and advisors around this web. So grab your agate. You can wear it, set it in front if you, hold it, or create a grid if you know how. Here we go:

1. Quiet your mind: whatever this means for you. Get into nature or simply do a short meditation.

2. Think about an area of life that you are struggling. I'm going to use the example of body image/weight because that's a common one.

3. Grab a pen and paper. Write down all your negative memories about that subject. Write every memory that triggers that strong emotion in you. Maybe it was as simple as someone you look up to dieting, or someone saying something hurtful to you about your body or appearance. Really truly remember them, feel how you felt, cry if you need to. Once you start feeling that negative feeling, chances are more memories will come up. Write it all out. Feel all the feelings about this subject that you have avoided feeling. Sit in the uck of it. Depending on the severity of these things you might even want to give yourself a healthy amount of time to feel these feelings. Like, I said...they don't go away if you just shove them down. Feel them. Maybe wear your agate for a couple days to comfort you.

4. Let go. Now that you've felt about those memories, you can release them. Denise Duffield-Thomas recommends writing "I forgive you, I love you, I'm sorry" next to each memory, when she wrote about clearing money blocks. You could also burn each memory (under the full moon....even better) to symbolically let go (but be safe!) You could use Emotional Freedom Tapping. What ever you do, this is where agate is powerful. It will amplify the energy of pulling up those emotions and letting them go. 

5. Reprogram your subconscious. Your subconscious doesn't have conscious thought, but it can be taught. This is your chance to retrain it to believe in and accept you. One way to do this is a daily meditation to clear your mind followed by positive affirmations. And of course, use your agate, because in addition to being powerful for clearing repressed emotions, it also aides in accepting yourself. Hold your agate jewelry as you say your affirmations. Wear that jewelry as a reminder of your affirmations, and to carry that positive energy with you throughout the day. 

Here are some affirmations you can use:

Affirmations for body image

Affirmations for to clear money blocks

Affirmations for finding love


I hope this helps with whatever you are struggling with. The goal here is to do this with all those annoying little doubts, struggles, and self-limiting beliefs that keep us from living our most joyful life.

Have a lovely weekend! 

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