Ethical Sources for the Ethical Sourcer- First Apartment Essentials

Hey Everybody!  The time has arrived, that college students everywhere have disbursed back to their respective  college towns.  Many are venturing out of the dorms, and are busy settling into their first apartments.  The freedom from dorm-hood is exciting, but the amount of "things" you need seems daunting.  You're stressed, and decide to let go of your resolve to source ethically...just while you settle in.  WAIT!  I have some sources for you to get what you need, and remain ethical!


The key to buying ethical, is to know when to splurge, and when to thrift.


Furniture:  Thrift

Hopefully as a college student, you are lucky enough to know someone that is replacing their furniture exactly when you are getting your first apartment, and you get the hand-me-down. If not, you have options.  There are places to get ethical furniture, but they usually require a splurge. Save that for your "big girl" or more permanent place.  For now, scout secondhand furniture stores near you (in a college town it should be easy enough to find.)


For Chicago people, there's a great thrift and vintage store tucked in the heart of the Pilsen Neighborhood.  Pilsen Vintage and Thrift specializes in the vintage clothing and furniture, and offer reasonable prices.  AND, they have a huge 20%-50% party on the second Friday of every month.  So, before you rush to a big box store for your furniture, check them out.  


Cookware: Splurge

Unlike furniture, what you're using in the kitchen directly affects your health and other's: so, please don't walk into Walmart and buy the cheapest cookware set you see.  Those cheap non-stick coatings are made with toxic chemicals that hurt the environment and you!  As more and more people turn their backs on teflon, more and more companies are providing alternative options (don't you just love how that works?)  My personal favorite is GreenPan, and I loove their Lima line.  The stainless steel handles are gorgeous. (note: these are made in China, though.)

Finishing Touches: Both

Scouring Etsy and perusing thrift stores for fair trade and ethical home options is part of the fun!  So, get your booty out there, and create the space you love!

Here are some of my favorite Etsy home finds:

Ceramica Botanica

Pillows by Jane


Concrete Design


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