Sorry for the pause in posts.  There has been a lot going on over here at Peerless Charm.  Business as usual will resume soon, and I will finish up my how to ethically source series.

Today, I have some fabulous news!  A NEW LOGO thanks to Erica Barraca!  When I asked her to do the logo, I wasn't sure if she would be interested. Although she's a graphic designer, she doesn't do freelance graphic design, and I wasn't sure she even wanted to.  I am very grateful that she agreed, and she turned out to be even more perfect for the job then I ever imagined.  Erica has seen Peerless Charm go from an 18 year old girl posting pictures on Myspace to the business that it is today, so she had a better grasp of what the next step for the logo should be then I did.  It was really a fun experience, and I am so happy with the results. Thanks Erica!

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