DIY Scarf

A fun fact about me: jewelry was not the first accessory I started designing.  Back in 2004 I was fresh out of 8th grade, and I was 100% sure that someday I would be a fashion designer. Of course, my patience did not allow me to wait to learn to sew.  I took my graduation money, and headed to Sears for a brand new sewing machine, and I taught myself.  I spent a lot of that summer making handbags and totes out of scrap denim and ribbon.  They were...umm...fashionable(ish.)  After about my Sophomore year of high school I had definitely slowed down with the sewing (and eventually discovered my love of jewelry design,) but I have always hoped to pick back up that skill, and maybe hone it to a point that I could include some have my creations in Peerless Charm.  So, in 2010 when I had opened my shop, I had picked up some beautiful lace fabric.  Fast forward two very busy years and bam! it's an infinity scarf.  

Oh, and you can find those bracelets I'm wearing in the shop!

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