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The About Us page, here at Peerless Charm is all about the business, but I thought it would be great to help you get to know me.  I have created Peerless Charm The Blog, so that everyone can get to know the woman behind the jewelry.  So here it goes...

Hi, I'm Lauren.  I live in a small farm town, south of Chicago.  I love the city, and I make an effort to get there as much as I can.  My original career goal was to own a boutique, but once I started making jewelry I couldn't stop.  It brightens my

day month year life to see people as excited about my jewelry as I am. I love the feeling of adding a little sparkle to my outfits, and through the shop, I get to share the joy with others.

My best asset is my optimism.  I am working toward a life of Pure Bliss, which I have defined as being 100% happy with my career, my accomplishments, and the people that I surround myself with.  

In addition to running Peerless Charm, I am working toward my bachelors degree in business, and interning with Jess Constable.  

Those were just some small fun facts about me, and I plan to continue to update with more information about myself, and the business.

Thanks for Reading!


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