What the heck is crystal healing, ya hippie?

I've spent months sharing practical ways to incorporate crystal healing into your life, but I haven't taken time to explain how crystal healing works.

It all goes back to 6th grade science. Everything is made of atoms. Each of our cells are made up of atoms, the air, the table in front of me, me, you, and crystals. When a charge atom moves it creates an electromagnetic field, or vibration. What's special about crystals is their crystalline structure allows them to store a vibration, where as we are made up of various tissues, minerals, and fluids, so our vibration is less stable. Crystals can be used to tune our vibration.

So....why do we care about our vibration? If you check out my post on chakras, you will find that the various energy centers in our body can affect us emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Crystals can be used to balance these chakras to create a more aligned life.

I also like to use crystals for the law of attraction. The law of attraction is the law that like attract like. So, your thoughts and your energy are constantly attracting like energy. That's why my posts often talk about releasing thoughts that are holding you back, to call in the things you want in life. That's because everything the universe is presenting you, is a reflection of your own vibrations. Positive thoughts=higher vibration. It's so much more complicated than that though, isn't it. That's because we have self-limiting subconscious believes. That's why I love to use crystals to release those beliefs, and be the high vibing being my soul came here to be. 

Things I won't talk about on the blog:

Physical health and weight loss. My focus tends to be on accepting yourself as is. Allowing yourself to take up space and live a happy fulfilling life regardless of you weight. As far as healing ailments... while some of the practices I share my have side benefits of healing ailments, I am not a doctor or health professional, and will never replace those. 

Religion. I fully believe that crystals can be worked into any spiritual practice. I use words such as inner being, and higher self, which I  see as the non-physical divine wise one that resides within us all. If you are a part any particular religion and that is God, Jesus, Allah, Krishnah, source to you, just translate it. Crystals are just tools here on Earth that could be used to open you up, and accept divine wisdom. So, to make crystal healing all inclusive, I will not address religion, and use terms such as intuition, inner being, and higher self. 



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