Using Tiger's Eye to Manifest in a New Opportunity

Let's face millenials, there's always a new opportunity for us, whether it's a side hustle, hobby, or a whole new career. The internet has made it so easy to pursue your passion project, and you might be feeling the itch to start something new and amazing, but you don't know what or where to start. That's where Tiger's Eye & some unsolicited advice from me comes in. How do we use Tiger's Eye to call in a new opportunity? Well first of all, throw Tiger's Eye into your crystal practice, whether that means simply wearing it, or incorporating it into your meditation. can this help you create new opportunities?

The vibration of crystals can help tune your own vibration. Tiger's Eye can help open your solar plexus chakra, and alert the universe & your higher self that you're ready for new opportunities..

Aside from using Tiger's Eye there's some more steps you can take to call in new opportunities. 

First of all, you gotta release the should's that your ego mind holds on to. As a student of the law of attraction for nearly 10 years, I've been using it to manifest things big & small for that long. There were time's that it felt easy, and other times that I struggled. Then, last year I had an epiphany...I HAD to let go of the "shoulds"that I held on to. I surrendered to the present state of my life with love, gratitude, and a sense of fun. It was then easier to find joy, and my manifestations started to come together. 

 If your like me, and the ego of an 18 year old made a lot of plans for what your 20's should look like, guess what?!?! It doesn't matter! You have to let go of what you thought or think life should look like, in order to enjoy what it does look like, and call in the opportunity that is right for you. 

Now that you've let go of those should's the next step to calling in a new opportunity is just doing what you enjoy. In my early twenties, I was so hell bent on creating the perfect life for my future self, that I didn't even realize that I was not giving myself the chance to simply be and do things I enjoyed. I was putting all of my happiness in some future event. "I'll be happy when my business is 'successful.'" I'll be happy when I can support myself and get my own place." "I'll be happy when (insert some pesky should that I was holding on to.)"

When I hit my mid-twenties I realized that was BS, and started to do things I enjoyed. If you do things that feel good, you will unknowingly follow your intuition right into that new opportunity. So if you like hiking, join a hiking club. If you like to dance, take a dance class. If you like painting, take a painting class. Do what you love, with no hope for any outcome, other than enjoyment. 

And then last step...follow sparks of inspiration, in what is called "inspired action." Don't let your egoic mind in on this little secret, but simply doing the activity that feels good for your soul, may wind up giving you a spark of inspiration. Maybe you will have an entrepreneurial idea, meet someone that leads you to an opportunity, or maybe you will now have new skills or knowledge from the activity that leads to the opportunity. The key now is when you have that spark of inspiration, follow it. When you've followed your intuition to an opportunity that is right, the work just flows out of you. A 16 hour day ain't no thang. People glorify the hustle and the grind, but if it feels like a grind rather than a flow, maybe you need to reflect. Is the resistance from a place of fear in your egoic mind? If so, acknowledge it, release it, and keep going. If it's resistance coming from your intuiton, maybe it's telling you now is not the time, or this isn't the way. It's ok to put a project down, and pick it up when the spark of inspiration returns. You are not lazy, timelines are not real. 

So! How can you call in a new opportunity for yourself? 

1. Release the shoulds

2. Just do what you enjoy

3. Follow your sparks of inspiration via inspired action




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