Using Citrine to Find Joy in The Average Day

Let's be serious, sometimes the everyday sucks. You can find so many memes on the internet poking fun about how much "adulting" sucks. How different would that job you hate feel, if you went in feeling more joyful? Nothing is going to change the job, but using citrine to find more joy, can change your attitude about that job, and may see an opportunity to change from a different perspective. 

What is something that you can do in 5 minutes, that will bring you more joy each morning? Is it a cup of tea? Is it dancing or yoga? Is it reading a good book? Is it coloring? Is it going for a walk? Don't think about it in terms of health or personal growth, just think about it from a place of just fun. If you used the rose quartz daily practice, you already have a morning routine, so we will just build onto that by adding in citrine. 

Daily Practice For More Joy:

1. Quiet your mind, and take out your journal. You can either write everything you love about yourself, like the self love practice, or you can write something you are thankful for. Either way, filling yourself up with love and/or gratitude is going to get you started in a good mood.

2. Set your intention for joy, hold the citrine in your hands, and meditate for five minutes.

3. Do something fun! That item you picked that makes you happy, do that for 5 minutes, or however much time you have.

4. Wear your citrine, or carry it with you to carry that energy throughout your day, as you "adult." 

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