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Fun Facts About Instinctively Charming

Lauren Malmquist

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Want some fun facts about Instinctively Charming?  I thought it would be fun to share what I was listening to while designing the newest collection.  Check out my Spotify playlist :

DIY Scarf

Lauren Malmquist

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A fun fact about me: jewelry was not the first accessory I started designing.  Back in 2004 I was fresh out of 8th grade, and I was 100% sure that someday I would be a fashion designer. Of course, my patience did not allow me to wait to learn to sew.  I took my graduation money, and headed to Sears for a brand new sewing machine, and I taught myself.  I spent a lot of that summer making handbags and totes out of scrap denim and ribbon.  They were...umm...fashionable(ish.)  After about my Sophomore year of high school I had definitely...

Time to Happy Dance

Lauren Malmquist

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  I hope by now, you had a chance to see the new collection, Delightfully Charming. I also hope that you love it as much as I do, but I dunno...I really love it.  Anyways, the release of the Delightfully Charming collection is a bigger deal than you may think.  You see, over here at Peerless Charm two major events were going on at once.  A new ethically sourced collection was released, and two of our oldest collections were retired (and by oldest I mean from back before I was all aware and what not.)  So...we are now 100% ethically...

About Classically Charming

Lauren Malmquist

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  I am very happy to announce that the newest collection has arrived!  When I started designing Classically Charming, I decided it was time to tap into a style similar to the pieces I made when I first opened  This meant pearls!  My intention was to make beautiful jewelry that can be great for dressy occasions, or as anybody's go-to items to dress up a casual look.  When I discovered that Swarovski made crystal pearls, I ran with it.  The result is a classy collection of pearl and crystal jewelry.  I hope you love it!

So What's This I See About Charming Bloggers?

Lauren Malmquist

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You may have noticed the page Charming Bloggers, with four (a fifth coming soon!) lovely bloggers, and wondered what that was all about.  Well, back in late 2009 I discovered what seemed to be a secret community.  Up until that point, the only blogging I was aware of was Xanga.  In eighth grade, I was very faithful to letting my friends know what I was doing via Xanga, even if it was watching Lizzie Mcquire all day.  That's the only knowledge I had of blogs.  So when I came across Fashion Toast and Style Scrapbook, I was all like "so these...

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