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Sunstone & the Sacral Chakra

Sunstone can help you release those resentments. Sunstone is a stone of joy and romance, but it can help strengthen all relationships, not just the romantic ones. This gorgeous sparkly stone can turn hatred into love, and anger into joy. It helps balance emotional patterns, and helps release thoughts and feelings that you are not good enough. 

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Turquoise & Chakras

Using Turquoise to balance your throat chakra: Often times you can tell if a crystal is good for a chakra based on the color. This is because light is energy, and that chakra is energy. If the colors match, that means the vibrations match. The throat chakra has a lot to do with confidence and speaking your mind.  You may find your that you are having trouble saying what you need to say, or speaking your truth.  You may find you don't have a lot of confidence. This could mean your throat chakra is closed, and you want to open it. To the contrary, you may have the opposite problem. You may find yourself talking a lot, without much to say of...

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Crystal of the Month Intro: Turquoise

Turquoise is the traveler's stone, and the stone of luck. This stone can balance your third eye chakra and your throat chakra. For this reason, it encourages you to trust your intuition, and empowers confidence in your wisdom. Turquoise is the main stone of the Thrive collection because for one I just think it's beautiful. Also, I truly believe that when you give yourself unconditional love, and have confidence in your inner knowing, you can release the BS, and guide yourself to that special something that you bring into the world. Then you will truly thrive. 

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