Sunstone & the Sacral Chakra

Sunstone: The October Crystal of the Month

Sunstone is a stone of joy and romance, but it can help strengthen all relationships, not just the romantic ones. This gorgeous sparkly stone can turn hatred into love, and anger into joy. It helps balance emotional patterns, and helps release thoughts and feelings that you are not good enough. 

The sacral chakra is the second chakra. It is located two inches below your naval. It is related to your reproductive organs, and relates to areas of your life such as creativity, pleasure, and relationships.

You can easily incorporate sunstone into your life, in order to balance your sacral chakra. 

1. Hold you cleansed sunstone in the palm of your hand. 

2. Send your intention to your sacral chakra.

3. Envision an orange spinning light at your sacral chakra. Feel feelings of joy, pleasure, love and creativity.

4. Envision the electromagnetic field of the sunstone combining with the electromagnetic field of your sacral chakra.

5. You can place the sunstone on the chakra if you wish.

6. Meditate there for as long as feels right to you. This may vary depending on where you are in your meditation practice.

7. Wear or carry the sunstone in your pocket with you the rest of the day, to carry that intention and energy with you,.

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