Spring Market Look

What do you do when you discover a couple holes right in the front of a shirt you wanted to wear? If you're me, you cut more holes into it, and pretend it's supposed to look like that. I got these cutie floral pants at Target, and I want to wear them to like every market I do this Spring/Summer. I'm wearing the Rise Pink Agate Wrap Necklace, and the Rise Pink Agate & Rose Quartz Bracelet.

 By the way...meet Rise, a collection of light and dark pinks to celebrate all who are feminine. After reading the book Rise Sister Rise, by Rebecca Campbell, I felt so inspired to celebrate all that is feminine. I've been coming across the concept of the rise of the divine feminine from so many different sources lately, and it's so cool to watch it happening in real time. After witnessing all that has happened in the media lately, we can see the shift happening before our eyes. We are moving from a masculine dominated world, towards a world where the masculine and feminine are perfectly balanced. Rise.

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