Quartz Meditation


Hey there! This is the last time for quartz to shine as our crystal of the month. Earlier this month I talked about how great quartz is for aligning all of your chakras, and protecting you from negative energy. Today I am sharing a meditation that you can do each morning to start your day ground, connected, and aligned. 

1. Find a comfortable seated positon. 

2. Hold your quartz crystals in each hand, and rest them  on your knees. I like to hold smoky quartz in one hand, and clear quartz in the other hand. If your crystals have points you can point the smoky quartz away from you, and the clear quartz towards you. This will draw in the positive energy through the clear quartz, and draw out/neutralize the negative through the smoky quartz. 

3. Close your eyes and visualize roots growing out of your root chakra, and rooting you deep into the earth as you exhale.

4. As you inhale, visualize those roots pulling the energy of the Earth into your body.

5. Exhale, and visualize those roots getting deeper. Repeat this one or two times as you deepen your breath. 

6. Once your breaths are long enough, on your inhale, visualize that Earth energy come all the way up your spine, lighting up each chakra on its way up. 

7. Exhale and visualize clouds bellowing out through your crown chakra.

8. Inhale and visualize pulling light and love through your crown chakra, and down your spine, lighting up each chakra on it's way down.

9. Exhale using that energy to root you even more more securely into the Earth. 

Continue to repeat this for as long as you need to, want to, or have time for. I try to do this for at least five minutes every morning. Since I've started doing so I've found myself feeling more grounded, full of love, and less anxious as I go through out my day and interacts with other humans. 

I hope you find this meditation useful. Give it a try, and let me know how you feel!


I hope you've enjoyed the month of quartz, and learned a lot! I can't wait to share the NEW crystal of the month with you next week! 

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