Guest Post: Crystal Gray of the Yoga Goddess Academy's Tools for Self-Love

To keep with our theme of rose quartz & self-love for June, I reached out to Crystal Gray, to invite her to guest post. Crystal was my yoga teacher, and founded the Yoga Goddess Academy. She has such authentic posts about yoga, self-love, and growth, that I knew I wanted her voice her on the blog. Check out her tools for self love:

I never really thought about self-love too much until recently. It was always kind of in passing and I’d brush it off without really thinking about it because I thought that it wasn’t something I needed to work on.

Was I wrong!
Since working with so many yogis who struggle with this issue, it’s really opened me up to my own feelings regarding self-love and self-worth. I’ve realized that it’s actually a pretty huge issue not only in my life but in most people’s lives, especially women. We have this image of perfection that can never ever be reached because there’s...
Social media really doesn’t help us much as we see others posting about their amazing lives with their amazing bodies, being all put together and having all their you-know-what together. We don’t often see the ugly sides of peoples’ lives so we just think that we must not be good enough.
Not good enough moms, wives, yogis, leaders, teachers, etc.
Once you realize that everyone actually has stuff going on and no one’s life is perfect, you can start to cut yourself more slack and find more inner peace. Yoga is one thing that helps me cultivate self-love and find peace with where I am in my life. When you stop trying to be perfect and enjoy what you have NOW, you will be amazed at the magic that can unfold in your life.
You may:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Appreciate your life, your body and your situations more
  • Find gratitude for situations that seem negative because you know that you can’t appreciate the good with the contrast
  • Find gratitude for difficult people in your life because you know you are learning so much from them
  • And much more!

There are some simple things you can start doing now to bring more inner peace into your life by loving yourself more fully. I love to utilize yoga, meditation and affirmations. You may want to focus on balancing the area of the heart chakra.
You can do this by:
  • Putting your focus on the center of your heart space
  • Seeing a green healing light there, pulsing with your breath
  • Meditating with green or pink crystals
  • Using affirmations such as “I love myself fully, wholly and unconditionally”
  • Surrounding yourself with people that lift you up
  • Journaling about the things blocking you from finding love for yourself
  • Practicing heart opening yoga poses
  • Eating whole, green foods
  • Showing gratitude for your body and mind every day

Good luck on your self-love journey. It might take a while but if you start practicing some of these things now, they will start to add up and you will find more peace in your life.
Much love,
Crystal Gray

Crystal Gray is an organic vegetable farmer, mother and wife and the creator of the Yoga Goddess Academy, an online yoga and meditation membership. She leads 18 day yoga teacher trainings in places like Costa Rica as well as retreats. Find out more at

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