Daily Practice: Using Rose Quartz to Love Your Shadows

Hey Everyone! I hope you are enjoying this month of rose quartz and self-love. Last week, I shared a daily practice, for you to deepen your self-love. If you did that practice daily, or even just once, I'd love to hear how you felt afterwards. Today, I'm sharing a practice, that will go even deeper. As we learned with agate, crystal healing isn't always sunshine and bright. It's a lot of working out the negative, so you can feel sunshine and bright the rest of the time (if that's what you're into.)

So today's practice is loving your shadows. You are your biggest critic, but we're going to try to flip the script. We're going to take those things that you hate about yourself, and make it a positive. Why? Because, what you see as a negative, is often times a strength. It's what makes you different and unique, and I bet once you learn to love it, it will play a key role in that special something that you bring to the world.

Loving your shadows daily practice:

-Start with a short meditation, to you quiet your mind, and open yourself up for this work.

-Grab that notebook that wrote everything great about yourself in last week. Now, write down 1 thing that you don't like about yourself.

-Use EFT to begin releasing any anxiety you are feeling about that characteristic.

-Next, write down ways that that negative characteristic helps you. (EX...maybe you worry people don't like you, because you are weird. Right down everything that's good about your weirdness. Do you come up with good ideas, because you think differently? Do you make people laugh, because you have unique jokes? Are you a good problem solver because you look at an issue from a different angle?)

-After you write your list, go down the list of reasons that negative characteristic is actually good, and fill yourself with love. Feel gratitude that you have this weird quirk, because it benefits you for each reason. Set the intention to love that quirk into your rose quartz. Wear it or carry it in your pocket to carry that energy with you throughout your day, or just as a reminder to feel grateful for that weird quirk.

Who knows, maybe you'll get to witness yourself using that quirk to you advantage, now that you're looking at it from a new light!

-Repeat this practice daily for the next week, with a new quirk each day. Leave a comment, and let me know how you feel afterwards!

Enjoy you're week <3

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