Daily Practice: Using Rose Quartz to Cultivate Self-Love

What does self-love look like for you? What area of your life do you feel drained? In what way do you feel you are giving more to others than you give yourself? In what way are you holding yourself back from what you truly want, because you feel you aren't worthy? It's up to you to decide what is important to you, and how you can carve out time for that, or create boundaries. What I can do, is share a daily practice with you, where you can use rose quartz, and some journaling to change your mindset. Perhaps, once you change your mindset, you will be more full of love for yourself, and more willing to carve out those boundaries for yourself.

Daily Activity:

-Quiet your mind. Spend a few minutes meditating with your rose quartz. Last week, you set the intention to truly deeply love yourself. Hold the quartz in your hand, while you quiet your mind for about 5 minutes.

-Keep your rose quartz nearby, and write out a list of everything you love (or maybe even just like, or think is ok) about yourself. If you can't think of anything, write down kind things other's have said about you. 

-After you've written the list, I hope you are feeling really good about yourself

-Next, fill yourself up with that feeling. Hold your rose quartz in your hands. Go down your list. As you read each item. Feel the love of that characteristic of yours. Feel the feeling in your heart, visualize that feeling expanding through your body. 

-Afterwards, wear your rose quartz, or put it in your pocket. Carry that energy with you through out the day, or use it as a reminder of those characteristics, and that feeling of love. 

Spend a few minutes doing this practice each day for the next week. Share how you feel afterwards, in the comments below.


Please note, these practices I write about, are to be a fun way to experiment with the science of crystals, and to take a little time for yourself. They are not meant to be a replacement for your spirituality or seeing a mental health professional.


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