Balancing your sacral chakra to enhance your relationships

As I go further into this crystal healing and chakra healing business, it gets more annoying. That's because the unpleasant aspects of life that I was once able to blame on someone else (like my post about toxic people,) end up getting flipped upside down, and we're forced to come face to face with our own responsibility in all of this.

This week we will be using sunstone to balance our second chakra, improve our relationship with others (romantic or even just a friend or coworker,) and release the stories we tell ourselves, that cause us to continue to attract shitty interpersonal relationships into our lives. 

I always think of myself as someone that is with great relationships. I have a great family, a great boyfriend, and a great support system of friends and coworkers. I tend to get a long with people pretty well...but when I don' can consume me. I get to the bitch eating crackers phase, and everything they do makes me mad.

Can you relate?

Or perhaps you find that your friends always blow you dare they?

Or maybe you find that people talk down to you.

People stink, don't they?

Or maybe it's you.

Yep...I'm going back to this pesky subconscious vibrations. I recently learned about the stories people tell themselves, and how they doom us to repeat similar scenarios over and over, often times in our relationships. I was listening to an Abraham Hicks session about annoying people, and they said "you can avoid annoying people as much as you want, but where ever you go, you will always have yourself." You can't keep giving other's the power to make you feel a certain way. If someone is annoying you, chances are they are just triggering something inside of you. 

Sit down with a notebook and pen, and let's work through that together.

Think about someone in your life right now that just grinds your gears. Think about all the terrible things they do. All the ways they annoy you, and all the ways they are mean to you. Feel the way that makes you feel. Are you angry? Hurt Demeaned?...feel it. 

Next, close your eyes, and think of other times you felt the way you feel right now. Who made you feel that way. Write down all the times you were made to feel how you feel right now. When I did this exercise I was surprised to find how far back I went. I was also surprised to find that anytime one of these "terrible" people left my life, another slid into their place shortly after. What was I vibrating on to continue to attract these "annoying" people into my life?

You may not even figure that out, but the next step is to release your emotions about all of those scenarios that you wrote down, so that you are no longer carrying them as part of your story. You can do that the same way we released our old self limiting beliefs. Go back to each scenario you wrote down, and write "I forgive you, I love you, I'm sorry." This will allow you to release those old feelings of anger and resentment, so you can stop carrying them to your next relationships. You can even take it a step further by burning them (safely.) Then, while holding your sunstone, visualize who you would like to attract into your life. Then, wear the sunstone to carry that intention with you throughout the day. 

I would recommend using this ritual in tandem with the sunstone meditation I shared last week. Do whatever works for you, but I like to do the balancing meditation in the morning, and the releasing ritual at night. 

 (Disclaimer: This post is intended to be light-hearted and only referring to those little annoyances in relationships. IN NO WAY am I referring to an abusive relationship. IN NO WAY is it your fault if you find yourself in an abusive relationship or victim of assault. While I think crystals are great in conjunction with therapy, they are not meant as a prescription or replacement for actual medical or psychological help.) 

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