Ethically Sourcing? Let's take the first step...

Last month, I invited you to join me in making 2015 the year of ethically shopping.

It's time to take that first step...

How do we do that? Stop buying fast fashion!

Gasp! I know! If you're at all how I was you've already closed this post, and moved on to never look back.  If you're still reading, I applaud you...hear me out.  Fast Fashion is the worst offender of sweat shop manufacturing and waste.  Think about it, they are selling you a tank top for $1.50, and making a profit from it. Considering all the expenses that go into running a giant chain, how much does that leave for the person that is actually making that tank top? Honestly, it's probably $0.01...or less. Would you sew a shirt for a penny? Not unless you're just doing it for the fun of it, and I assure that's not why these people are sewing these shirts.

And, what about the waste?  These clothes are made to last as long as the trends (so not very long at all.)  I bought a pair of these ADORABLE flats from a certain retailer for $17.50, in March a couple years ago. They were floral with sequence and SO cute.  I wore them nearly daily, and by May the had crumbled. Such a disappointment, right?  If you're a fast fashion shopper, I am sure you've experienced this kind of heart break.  You get that shirt that is so cute (cause let's face, these clothes can be so cute,) you put it through its first wash, put it on, you're all like...what?  It shrunk, or one side is magically way shorter then the other.  When you buy clothes that is made by a ten year old, it ends up looking was made by a ten year old.

When you invest in quality clothes from quality companies, you will see the difference.  They will last you for years, and when you are literally over them (yes that was a Kardashian reference, so what?) you can bring them to a thrift store for some extra cash, or donate them.  Now these quality clothes get a new life, where someone else will love them for years and years to come.  It's pretty much win win.  Winning all around!  

So, rather then get the cheap thrill of buying trendy clothes that you will throw away next month, invest in quality clothes that leave a positive impact.  For me, this meant a shopping freeze.  Maybe this won't be the case for you, but next month I will be covering what to do during this shopping freeze. 

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