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Guest Post: How Eliza Styled it

Hey everyone, Happy 2014!  It is crazy here in Illinois, weather-wise, but it usually is.  I'm happy to start of the new year of blog posts with a guest post Eliza from Lovely Addictions.  I found her blog through an adorable OOTD photo on Pinterest, and was delighted to find out she's a Chicagoan.  Here's how she styled our Layered Triangle Necklace and Triangle Bracelet:


Hey there! I'm Eliza from Lovely Addictions
First off I want to thank Lauren from Peerless Charm for having me on her blog today. 
I have always been big on statement pieces, especially necklaces. & I have a ever growing collection of them, this beautiful layered triangle necklace was no exception. 
Styling the necklace and the bracelet was such fun for me because it goes with nearly everything. Its delicate vibrant beads and the gold chain go perfectly together. I decided to wear this necklace and bracelet for work, I wore all neutrals in order to give the necklace its proper debut and show off that pop of color. I have gotten loads of compliments on this beauty thus far!
Here's a few  things about me:
I absolutely love anything sparkles & glitters!
My favorite flowers are pink peonies and hydrangeas
People I look up to for style inspiration: Olivia Palermo, Jenna Lyons and Lauren Conrad. 
Personal style : Feminine, Classic, Laid back Chic ;) 
Favorite Singer at the moment: Lana Del Rey 
Favorite Nail polish: Mint Candy Apple and Fiji from Essie 
Favorite Starbucks drink: Passion Tea with raspberry & lemonade 
Thanks again for reading & for having me Lauren!
Also, visit Lovely Addictions anytime & say hello! 


If you've seen the "purple" option on Instinctively Charming pieces, you may be wondering what that is. It's a gemstone called lepidolite, and I've got some fun facts about it for you:

Written by Lauren Malmquist — December 03, 2013

Custom Ethical Wedding Jewelry

The 2013 wedding season is coming to a close, and there is a new batch of bridezillas planning their 2014 weddings (just kidding, I only know one 2014 bride, and she seems very calm and far.)  One fun aspect of the wedding planning process, is picking the jewelry.  I was delighted earlier this year, when my friend Kim, asked me to create the jewelry for her bridesmaids.  She told me what she had in mind for her ladies, and voila...check it out:


And here are the lovely ladies on the big day!


Have a lovely day!

Written by Lauren Malmquist — November 12, 2013

How I Styled It: Jade Link Bracelet

Hey all!  Today I am sharing with you, how I styled the Jade Link Bracelet.  I've been working on perfecting my arm party, and wanted to add a splash of color to it for my birthday yesterday.  Here's how I styled it:


Yes I match my bra to my jewelry...judge me if you wish.

Thank you to Casey O'Connell for taking such awesome picture!


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Have a lovely weekend!

Written by Lauren Malmquist — September 29, 2013

Navigating Target as an Ethical Sourcer

I love shopping at Target! There was a time that I worked next door to our local Target, and found myself traipsing over there up to three times a day (before work for Starbucks, on break for lunch, and after work for anything else I may need.) Since then, I've switched jobs, and opened my mind to more conscious consumerism. So, I don't find myself over there quite as much, but still...I'm the mayor on foursquare. (I've been ousted.)

While I'd always suggest buying local, and fair trade, sometimes a Target run is necessary. Target adapts an ethical sourcing policy, and has been named World's Most Ethical Company in the General Retailer category several times. So, if you're hitting up a big box store, they are the ones to choose. I've come up with some tips for navigating this "super chain" with a little piece of mind.


When I decided to strive towards a more ethical lifestyle, Target clothing shopping was something I really struggled with.  I would walk past the clothing drooling slightly (I'm not ashamed.) I would decide to just peruse really quickly, and from time to time allow myself to make a purchase...and feel like a total hypocrite. Even with their ethical sourcing policy, I felt weary.  But after reaching out to Target's team, I learned that they are making serious efforts towards safety for their factory workers and sustainability (I knew I loved them for a reason.)  Last year, they banned sandblasting in order to insure safety in the production of their apparel products.They have also partnered with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Sustainable Textile Coalition which are made up of retailers that are working to reduce environmental and social impacts. Here's a blog post that Jessica from Target sent me regarding sandblasting. The post quotes Jey John, the lead fabric engineer for denim and wash:

"The factory worker's safety should not be compromised for the sake of fashion" 

Target is not perfect, in terms of Fair Trade. Still, I am thrilled to see such a large company that makes decisions, not just with dollar signs in their eyes, but with the well being of others in mind. Also...I need new jeans. :-)


Next stop after the clothing is electronics (if you take my usual route.) Electronics are items that will be sourced the same whether you buy them from Target, Best Buy...or anywhere.  So unless you're giving up electronics completely, go ahead and choose Target, if you wish.  They often have sales where you receive a Target gift card when you purchase an iPad (for example), plus you get 5% off with a Target Red Card!


Ok, so you've got your electronics in the cart, now it's time to head to grocery {optional trip up and down the home aisle for a quick (or not so quick) swoon. I've styled my home in my head with Target's home goods many times, but you may want to skip it for local, handmade, thrift or DIY options. On the other hand, with the information I mentioned in the clothing section, you could probably throw a couple cute pillows in your cart, and feel good.} Onto grocery...Target is really growing their grocery department, but it's still not quite ready for your full blown shopping trip (well, the one by me at least.) I have still found that I can put together a healthy lunch quickly with a Target stop. I like to grab a bag of their organic blue corn chips, delicious Newman's salsa, and move on to cosmetics.


When I speak of ethical, I am usually referring to human rights, but discussing cosmetics brings up another brand of ethical: animal rights. Ethical and organic cosmetics is something that I am just getting familiar with.  Target carries cruelty-free brands such has E.L.F. and Physicians Formula.  I just stocked up on E.L.F, and so far I really like it.

Cleaning Products:

At this point, I usually head to the check out.  I only buy contact solution in the pharmacy section, and I'm not usually the one buying cleaning products.  When I do, I've noticed they have great brands for "crunchy types" like Method and Mrs. Meyers. Onto the checkout.

And now we've navigated Target, in the most low impact way possible. Now, treat yourself with a fair trade coffee at Starbucks.

Have a lovely day!

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Written by Lauren Malmquist — September 05, 2013

Guest Post-Jamillah of Made to Travel: How She Styled It

Hi all! I'm Jamillah and I write about ethical shopping and happy things at Made-To-Travel. I was thrilled to style the Simple Bliss necklace from Peerless Charm and I'm super happy to be a guest here for Lauren.


What's great about the Simple Bliss necklace is that it pairs quite nicely with lots of styles. The colors are sweet but the raw stone is urban, that urban edge is what I decided to play off on with my neon jeans, statement leopard shoes, over-sized denim shirt, and huge fringe bag.


I really do my best to source my clothes ethically so I'm big into thrifting. The denim shirt and my sandals are thrifted but you can get the look brand new and from ethical sources!


shirts: top- american apparel-$68 / bottom-the lady & the sailor-$175 $55 / shoes: top-cri de coeur stella cutout- $30 / middle- cri de coeur bounty ankle strap-$150 $60 / bottom- neaura $135 $81

Everything else you can still nab :): bag-Cri de Coueur available at Free People here; neon jeans-reuse jeans via fashioning change here.

wpid-Photo-Jul-28-2013-1139-PM.jpgHope you enjoyed how I styled the Simple Bliss necklace! Thanks so much Lauren for having me!!

Ethical Sources for the Ethical Sourcer- First Apartment Essentials

Hey Everybody!  The time has arrived, that college students everywhere have disbursed back to their respective  college towns.  Many are venturing out of the dorms, and are busy settling into their first apartments.  The freedom from dorm-hood is exciting, but the amount of "things" you need seems daunting.  You're stressed, and decide to let go of your resolve to source ethically...just while you settle in.  WAIT!  I have some sources for you to get what you need, and remain ethical!


The key to buying ethical, is to know when to splurge, and when to thrift.


Furniture:  Thrift

Hopefully as a college student, you are lucky enough to know someone that is replacing their furniture exactly when you are getting your first apartment, and you get the hand-me-down. If not, you have options.  There are places to get ethical furniture, but they usually require a splurge. Save that for your "big girl" or more permanent place.  For now, scout secondhand furniture stores near you (in a college town it should be easy enough to find.)


For Chicago people, there's a great thrift and vintage store tucked in the heart of the Pilsen Neighborhood.  Pilsen Vintage and Thrift specializes in the vintage clothing and furniture, and offer reasonable prices.  AND, they have a huge 20%-50% party on the second Friday of every month.  So, before you rush to a big box store for your furniture, check them out.  


Cookware: Splurge

Unlike furniture, what you're using in the kitchen directly affects your health and other's: so, please don't walk into Walmart and buy the cheapest cookware set you see.  Those cheap non-stick coatings are made with toxic chemicals that hurt the environment and you!  As more and more people turn their backs on teflon, more and more companies are providing alternative options (don't you just love how that works?)  My personal favorite is GreenPan, and I loove their Lima line.  The stainless steel handles are gorgeous. (note: these are made in China, though.)

Finishing Touches: Both

Scouring Etsy and perusing thrift stores for fair trade and ethical home options is part of the fun!  So, get your booty out there, and create the space you love!

Here are some of my favorite Etsy home finds:

Ceramica Botanica

Pillows by Jane


Concrete Design


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Have a lovely weekend!

Written by Lauren Malmquist — August 23, 2013

collection necklaces